So, you want to join us, eh? Well then... there are a few things you should know!

.This is an editing club for people who like to edit Sailor Moon artwork. You can edit anime, manga, coloring book, etc. pictures and post them up here!
.If you're going to join, you MUST show us some of the things you've done. That way we can critique it, and help you become a better editor.
.Please note this isn't a competition. No one's perfect, and we're all here to improve.
.Windy-Chan isn't the best editor either. You'd be insane to think that anyway, and so would she.
.We're here to have fun!
.Every month, a member will be chosen for the Editor of the Month, and some of their art will be displayed on the main page... also, they'll get an award to display on their own page, should they have one.
.No arguing! We're here to have fun, remember?
.No insulting other peoples' editing. That will give you an automatic ticket out of here. Helpful criticism is allowed, however.
.No spamming the blog. Duh.
.We don't just have to talk about editing here... we can talk about anything. ^^.

All right! I think that's everything. Now that you know the details, here is how you join.
Submit the following to windychan@earthlink.net

Your name:
Your age:
Your webpage:
Your favorite artist (in the blog):
Years of experience:
Types of pictures edited:

And don't forget to attach one or more pieces of your art!

I think that's all. I hope you have fun! ^~

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